Logout from WhatsApp Web in Simple Steps

Logout from WhatsApp Web in Simple Steps

How to logout from WhatsApp web. WhatsApp has added a new feature to it’s App called WhatsApp Web. With WhatsApp Web, you can easily use WhatsApp on your personal computer without using any third party application. When you use WhatsApp Web on your computer, anyone with access to your computer can pull up your WhatsApp chats as long as you are logged in. If you are using your personal computer or password protected computer, then that’s not a big issue. But if you are using WhatsApp Web from a public computer, make sure you sign out when you’re done with WhatsApp. Make sure there is no active session of WhatsApp on public computer or friend’s computer.

How to logout from WhatsApp?

It is important that you logout from WhatsApp web to prevent any misuse. There are two ways you can do it: From your mobile phone as well as the computer. On your mobile phone, you can log out of all active sessions of the WhatsApp web with just one tap. Open WhatsApp on your phone, tap on Menu, then WhatsApp Web. That will show you all your WhatsApp web active sessions with last active time. All you need to do is to tap on Logout from all computer. That will logout from all the active sessions of your WhatsApp web from all the devices you were logged in.

Logout from WhatsApp Web

How to Logout From WhatsApp Web?

You can also logout from WhatsApp Web from the computer on which you are using it. When you are logged into WhatsApp Web on your computer, you will see a Menu button (three vertical dots) at the top of WhatsApp Web beside New Chat. Click on it then click on Logout option. That will log you out from that particular WhatsApp Web session. If you use WhatsApp web on more than one computer then use WhatsApp app on your phone to check for all active sessions (if any) and logout from all of them.

Logout from WhatsApp Web

You can also logout from WhatsApp web by deleting all the browsing history of the browser you are using on PC. So in case, you have closed the tab of the WhatsApp web than simply go to the browsing history and delete it. That’s all!!! After the browsing history is deleted you will need to scan the code again if you want to use WhatsApp on your PC or Apple Mac. Consult an Apple specialist if you are a Mac user.


So that’s how you can logout from your active WhatsApp Web session from the computer you are using WhatsApp. And also from your smartphone, in case you forgot to logout from the computer you were using.

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