Month: April 2018

How To Backup iPhone WhatsApp Chats on iCloud?

How To Backup iPhone WhatsApp Chats on iCloud?5/5 1 vote WhatsApp is a tremendously useful way to keep in touch with people all over the world for free. With over a billion users worldwide, is most popular messaging app. It is a very good tool to exchange multimedia content such as text messages, voice messages, photos, videos etc with families and friends. Some of these Multimedia content are very important and you don’t want to loose them. So, it is important to make a backup of your WhatsApp chats. There are two easy ways by which you can backup iPhone...

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A Comprehensive Guide on Ransomware

A Comprehensive Guide on Ransomware5/5 1 vote Ransomware, which demands payment after launching a cyber attack, has become a rising trend among hackers looking for a quick payout. While initially popular in Russia, the use of ransomware scams has grown internationally. It is one of the world’s fastest growing types of Malware and it is as scary as it sounds. Ransomware attack puts you in a sticky situation, so it’s important to know about Ransomware protection and how to avoid it. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of Malicious Software which is designed to extort money (ransom) from the user. This...

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Some Microsoft Edge Browser Security Features

Some Microsoft Edge Browser Security Features5/5 1 vote We take a look at some of the Microsoft Edge browser security features. Microsoft launches Windows 10 with two built-in browsers: Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft knows that Internet Explorer isn’t the most popular browser out there. And it also have very bad reputation in terms of speed and security. This prompted Microsoft to launch a new browser and get involved in the browser business. The new Microsoft Edge browser has a lot to offer in terms of performance and security. Microsoft Edge browser security features have been enhanced...

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How To Enable or Disable Windows Startup Programs [Windows 10 & 7]

How To Enable or Disable Windows Startup Programs [Windows 10 & 7]Rate this post If your Windows computer is taking time to boot, it’s time to disable Windows startup programs and boost start up time. Windows boot time is gradually getting better with every version of Windows. From booting up within a couple of minutes (Windows XP) to booting up in seconds. Windows 10 boot time is better than ever. Windows boot time not only depends on the hardware but also on the programs that are set to load during Windows boot. If you have a lot of items...

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How to Change Windows 10 Default Apps?

How to Change Windows 10 Default Apps?4/5 1 vote How to change Windows 10 default Apps step by step tutorial. You may have different types of files on your computer, and probably multiple programs that can open those files. But, Microsoft has built-in Apps to open just about any file you want to open or task you want to complete. Also, Windows made it easy for users to open any files by setting default programs for each file type. But, What if you don’t like Windows 10 default apps for any particular file type? You might have your personal...

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